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Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Are the tiles and grout in your home looking tired, old and dirty?

"Most people only notice the condition of their tiles, stone, cement and
other hard surfaces when they become really stained and dirty!"
 Paving Bright’s proprietary cleaning system can restore soiled tiles, concrete and grout to like-new brilliance in a single visit. Don't wait for your hard surfaces to look deeply soiled and dirty, especially in your living areas, kitchens and bathrooms. Even if your hard surfaces still looks clean, they'll probably contain unseen bacteria, mould, and dirt that can affect brightness and hygiene. This is especially likely in the grout lines.

So for a complete tile restoration or routine maintenance, let Paving Bright Ltd demonstrate the amazing results from our revolutionary restorative "Tile and Grout POWER Cleaning System."

Do you remember what your tile floors, bathroom tile looked like when they were new ... when the grout was really clean and bright?

Are you feeling frustrated?
Tired of cleaning on your hands and knees and
not getting the results you want?
Too much hard work ... and not enough satisfaction?
  The problem is that microscopic pores allow dirt and other contaminates to become trapped below the tile and grout's surface, where they cannot be removed by regular mopping or hand scrubbing.

Home owners, estate agents and tile flooring installers all agree on one thing.
You can scrub your tiles and grout all day long ...

But if the grout lines don't look clean and sharp -

The tiles just never look clean!

Once Your Tiles and Grout Have become Dirty BELOW the Surface
there's ONLY 1 way to get them bright and clean again…and that's with the

 " Paving Bright Tile POWER Cleaning system"

Paving Bright's tile and grout POWER Cleaning System makes your tiles look new again.

Grout lines look sharp and we can then seal them; 

extending the life of your floors

saving you money from needless renovations or tile replacement

Phone us now for a free no obligation demonstration and assessment and see for your self.
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